Whatever your passion, whatever it takes

A world-class online education that nurtures your child and drives their ambition

As a parent, watching your child’s pursuit of elite performance is exciting. But wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that their education wasn’t being overshadowed? That’s where Milverton can help.

Balancing extraordinary talents with extraordinary education

Through the latest online teaching technologies, we can tailor world-class British education that complements the most demanding of training schedules or timetables of their academy or club.

A supportive environment to drive them forward

Reaching elite goals is a long journey, full of ups and downs. So we prioritise pastoral care and personal mentoring. This way you know your child’s wellbeing and happiness always comes first.

Whatever your passion, whatever it takes

Student-Athlete Programme at Halton Tennis Centre

We are delighted to announce that from September 2024, in partnership with Everyball Tennis Coaching (Halton Tennis Centre’s coaching arm) we will be offering a combined education and tennis programme on site at Halton Tennis Centre in order to afford prospective student-athletes the opportunity to excel in both these spheres whilst also balancing out their home, family and social lives.

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“Kaleigh has been absolutely brilliant at adapting every lesson to each child according to their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their individual targets, style of learning and personalities. She manages to make English (a subject they all don’t typically take to naturally) immensely enjoyable and engaging.”
“My youngest is currently doing KS3 and went from bottom of her year group with some major worries having been raised by the level of her work, to a near top of her whole year group at this past month's end of year exams.”
Lower Secondary Parent
“One of my children has multiple SEN needs as well (dyslexia, autism and learning processing disorder) which renders language based subjects much more challenging. However with Kaleigh's help and support he has thrived and is consistently producing very high levels of work across all aspects of the GCSE curriculum..”
SEN Parent