Creating a supportive and compassionate environment is our absolute priority.

We are proud of our innovative mentorship programme. It is not simply a weekly check in but is a focused, individualised programme which not only looks after our students’ current academic and pastoral progress, but also looks forward with a clear, goal oriented futures plan.

Each student is partnered with a personal mentor who meets with them every week to provide the advice, support and skills they need to reach their goals.

As well as academic excellence, successful students need to build:

• A range of co-curricular activities and experiences

• Academic awards and achievements

• Co-curricular subject specific interests

• Leadership skills and responsibility

• Interpersonal skills

This can be achieved by providing students with:

• A mentor figure

• A clear goal-oriented futures plan

• A sense of community and motivation

How it works

Step 1: Induction

Student (and parent) discussion
• Identifies student’s target universities if known, current levels of co-curricular activity and subject area interests
• Establishes current level of engagement with future

Pretesting to identify strengths and weaknesses
• E.g. ESL level finding, CATs testing

Student interview with personal mentor to discuss form responses
• Students and their mentors get to know each other better building a supportive learning environment
• Mentor explores student’s responses and identifies student’s needs

Parental feedback meeting
• Involves parents in future journey

Step 2: Personalised Programme

Your child’s mentor sets personalised student goals for the academic year according to the skills your child needs to build. They will then create a personalised programme for the academic year, tailored to the goals set.

Desirable Skills

Suggested Goals

Step 3: Regular Check Ins

As well as ensuring the student’s programme is running smoothly, your child’s mentor meets weekly with them to check in, keep them on track and ensure that their goals and deadlines are being met.

This provides the opportunity for regular assessment and adjustment of goals where needed.

These regular check ins also serve to ensure that your child is flourishing in all areas. Academic and pastoral interventions can be put in place to provide additional support if needed.