Welcome to Milverton

Whatever your passion, whatever it takes

It’s exciting to go ‘all in’ with your child’s ambition to become an elite performer. But in the race to achieve greatness, striking a balance between training and education can be challenging.

Whatever success looks like for you, at Milverton we provide a unique combination of flexible, online education and mentoring that nurtures your child’s drive and ambition.

We also understand that you and your child are on a journey with many ups and down, highs and lows. Which is why, above all else, we prioritise pastoral care and compassion. Because we believe children can only reach incredible heights when they have a solid foundation of support beneath them. We’ve created an environment that will nurture them, shape them, ground them, and inspire them for their journey ahead.

Perhaps your child is yet to discover their talent, our mentoring program will help identify and develop their future endeavours. Our collaborative approach means that we can work with you and your child to help them pursue their goals – whatever they may be.

Put simply, Milverton empowers children to pursue a path to elite performance, while still receiving a world-class British education.