How We Teach

We’ve harnessed the power of technology to create a highly effective educational system. Regardless of the geographical location of our pupils, we are able to provide high-quality teaching that supports their achievements and drives their overall development. Once your child is enroled, they will gain access to our online school portal, where they will find dedicated class pages for each of their chosen subjects. These pages offer a wide range of resources, including learning materials, direct messaging with teachers, and homework submission.

When it’s time for a lesson, our pupils simply log in to their online Google classroom, where they are warmly welcomed by their teacher and classmates. Our lessons are designed to be engaging and diverse, offering continuous communication opportunities with teachers and peers through voice, text, and interactive presentations.

To ensure personalised attention and support, our classes are kept small, with a maximum of 20 pupils. Additionally, our ‘break-out rooms’ feature allows teachers to divide the class into smaller groups, facilitating focused interactions. Furthermore, our ‘hands up’ feature gives students the opportunity to ask questions and actively participate in the learning process.

Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes (then a 10 minute screen break), and after the class, the teacher assigns homework that builds upon the topics covered during the lesson, reinforcing the learning experience.

Independent study is also developed through our partnership with Century Tech, an AI powered learning platform that curates a personalised learning journey for each student that complements the content delivered in the classroom.

This mix of live teaching and independent work affords our students the time to fulfill their busy training schedules alongside their academic commitments.

Key Stage 3

Small Classes

We limit our classes to a maximum of 20 pupils to ensure every child gets the support that they need.

Access Anywhere

Learning can happen anywhere. All that's needed is an internet connection. Simply log in and learn!


Our lessons are fully interactive, and make use of the latest educational apps and technology.


Pupils are fully engaged, with lessons that feature presentations, Q&A sessions and live feedback.