English Literature IGCSE

At Milverton our students study for the Cambridge IGCSE in English Literature, an internationally recognised and intellectually rigorous qualification. The IGCSE course allows students to read, interpret and analyse a wide variety of literary texts. Students develop a thorough understanding of the meaning, themes and attitudes conveyed, as well as considering the texts’ relevance to the wider world. First and foremost, we aim to develop our students’ passion for English literature, while ensuring they achieve their full potential in the subject.


The IGCSE course aims to:

  • Encourage an enjoyment of literature
  • Develop an understanding of a wide variety of literary texts
  • Develop an understanding of how writers effectively convey meaning, attitudes and values
  • Enable students to communicate their personal response to texts in an effective manner.


Assessment is through a combination of examination and coursework.

  • Paper 1: Poetry and Prose. 1 hour 30 minutes. 50%
  • Paper 3: Drama. 45 minutes. 25%
  • Component 5: A coursework portfolio of 2 extended writing assignments. 25%