Lower Secondary (Ages 11-14)

At Milverton, we provide a  study program in the core subjects for students in Years 7, 8, and 9. We follow the Cambridge International Curriculum and our subject specialist teachers deliver a well-structured programme that not only enhances your child’s learning skills but also encourages them to become more independent learners.

During Lower Secondary (Key Stage 3), your child will have the opportunity to nurture their existing interests and explore new passions. By the time they reach the end of Year 9, they will have had the chance to discover which subjects ignite a passion within them and inspire them to pursue further studies at GCSE level and beyond.

Key Stage 3

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The English Language course ensures learners develop skills and understanding in reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Fundamental concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics, building a solid foundation.


Foundations in biology, chemistry, and physics , emphasising scientific principles and experimentation.


Students will learn to express their thoughts and feelings in Spanish and understand and respond to its speakers in both speech and writing.


Learners will gain a knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments.

Course Structure & Pricing

  • 3 x terms – 34 teaching weeks per year
  • 2 x weekly 60 minute live lessons via Google Classroom per week
  • 1 x weekly home study task with detailed feedback
  • £750 (+VAT) per year