Lower Secondary Maths

Milverton’s Maths Department strives to create rational, analytical and independent thinkers. Our enthusiastic team of specialist maths teachers follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics Curriculum, which ensures there is a clear and coherent sequencing of mathematical concepts within each year and across the KS3 curriculum as a whole. This allows new ideas to be built upon existing knowledge, meaning students are able to make clear links between mathematical concepts and develop a holistic understanding of the subject. 

Progression tests allow us to regularly monitor the progress of every student.

The curriculum covers four key areas: algebra, number, geometry and measure and statistics and probability. Mathematical thinking is embedded across all of these areas.

Throughout the KS3 course students will:

  • Engage in creative mathematical thinking to solve problems.
  • Improve numerical fluency and understanding of key concepts
  • Communicate solutions and ideas using the correct mathematical language
  • Understand the role of technology within mathematics


Students are encouraged to challenge ideas and learning beyond the classroom is developed through optional maths challenges.