We wanted to make our pricing as simple as possible. We therefore only charge per course and do not insist on you signing up to any packages. You are free to pick as few or as many courses as you wish.

Simply decide which courses you would like your child to take and get in touch with us. We will be happy to set you up straight away.

Lower Secondary - Ages 11-14

  • 3 x terms – 34 teaching weeks per year
  • 2 x weekly 60 minute live lessons via Google Classroom per week
  • 1 x weekly home study task with detailed feedback
  • £750 (+VAT) per year

English - £750 (+VAT)

The English Language course ensures learners develop skills and understanding in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Maths - £750 (+VAT)

Fundamental concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics, building a solid foundation.

Science - £750 (+VAT)

Foundations in biology, chemistry, and physics , emphasising scientific principles and experimentation.

Spanish - £750 (+VAT)

Students will learn to express their thoughts and feelings in Spanish and understand and respond to its speakers in both speech and writing.

Geography - £750 (+VAT)

Learners will gain a knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments.

IGCSE Secondary - Ages 14-16

  • 3 x terms – 34 teaching weeks per year
  • 3 x weekly 60 minute live lessons via Google Classroom per week
  • 1 x weekly home study task with detailed feedback
  • £960 per year (+VAT) – Double Science £1260 (+VAT) to accommodate extra teaching hours for the double award.

English Language IGCSE £960 (+VAT)

The IGCSE course exposes students to a diverse range of texts and teaches them to communicate effectively, creatively and accurately through spoken and written language.

English Literature IGCSE £960 (+VAT)

The IGCSE course allows students to read, interpret and analyse a wide variety of literary texts. Students develop a thorough understanding of the meaning, themes and attitudes conveyed.

Mathematics IGCSE
£960 (+VAT)

IGCSE Mathematics encourages learners to develop their mathematical ability as a key life skill, and as a strong basis for further study of mathematics or to support skills in other subjects.

Double Science IGCSE
£1260 (+VAT)

Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) gives learners the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is a double award qualification, earning two grades.

Spanish IGCSE
£960 (+VAT)

The IGCSE develops a set of transferable skills for understanding and communicating in everyday situations in Spanish and provides a cultural awareness of countries where Spanish is spoken.

Geography IGCSE
£960 (+VAT)

Students learn to interpret the world around them and develop an awareness of the responsibility present and future generations have to create sustainable solutions to global issues.