Our Principal's Welcome

I’m Kaleigh Seymour, and I’m delighted to welcome you to Milverton Online Education and to tell you why I believe we are so special.  We are a new school, but I see this as an advantage.  It has allowed us to think carefully about exactly what it is that we are creating…  a school that sees the potential in every child and works flexibly and collaboratively with students and parents to realise the full extent of that potential.  

Our team of experienced educators have been carefully chosen as outstanding in their field in order to deliver a new type of education. The world is a fast-evolving  place and we are uniquely placed to nimbly adapt and embrace the ever changing face of education to best suit our students. 

We will fulfil the roles of teachers, mentors, tutors and leaders in the lives of your children. We are dedicated to their academic, pastoral, social and spiritual welfare and have developed time and space for all of this to be delivered. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like an opportunity to find out more about our wonderful, cutting-edge online school.

Kaleigh Seymour

Principal, Milverton Education

Kaleigh Seymour