We recognise that wellbeing is multifaceted.

As such, we have designed a wellbeing programme that is diverse and holistic and that helps our students to “Flourish” during their time with us. Our weekly wellbeing lessons provide an opportunity to explore and discuss a variety of topics:

Body – Elements which lead to a state of physical health and safety of the individual. Emotional health is included within this domain

Mind – Components related to cognitive (mental) health that include elements of agency, self-control, attention and awareness, stress management, confidence, habits and goals, and character strengths.

Spirit – Personal fulfilment and contributions to the world. This is where a general sense of meaning & purpose can be cultivated.

Community – Peer to peer relationships, emotional environments of care and respect, and a climate of connectedness 

Digital Citizenship – The responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level.