IGCSE (Ages 14-16)

At Milverton, we provide a  study program in the core subjects for IGCSE students in Years 10 and 11. We follow the Cambridge IGCSE International Curriculum and our subject specialist teachers deliver a well-structured programme that not only enhances your child’s learning skills but also encourages them to become more independent learners.

During these two important years, students study their International GCSE qualifications. International GCSEs are highly respected, stand-alone qualifications and are a passport for progression to A Levels and ultimately to university and beyond.

Explore Our Courses

English Language IGCSE

The IGCSE course exposes students to a diverse range of texts and teaches them to communicate effectively, creatively and accurately through spoken and written language.

English Literature IGCSE

The IGCSE course allows students to read, interpret and analyse a wide variety of literary texts. Students develop a thorough understanding of the meaning, themes and attitudes conveyed.

Mathematics IGCSE

IGCSE Mathematics encourages learners to develop their mathematical ability as a key life skill, and as a strong basis for further study of mathematics or to support skills in other subjects.

Double Science IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences (Double Award) gives learners the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is a double award qualification, earning two grades.

Spanish IGCSE

The IGCSE develops a set of transferable skills for understanding and communicating in everyday situations in Spanish and provides a cultural awareness of countries where Spanish is spoken.

Geography IGCSE

Students learn to interpret the world around them and develop an awareness of the responsibility present and future generations have to create sustainable solutions to global issues.