English Language IGCSE

At Milverton our students study for the Cambridge IGCSE in English Language, an internationally recognised and intellectually rigorous qualification. The IGCSE course exposes students to a diverse range of texts and teaches them to communicate effectively, creatively and accurately through spoken and written language. The English department work extremely hard to ensure that the course is truly enjoyable for our students, while also ensuring that every student achieves the best possible grade that they are capable of.

The IGCSE course aims to:

  • Enable students to understand and critically read a wide range of texts from different
    genres, cultures and time periods.
  • Develop students’ ability to analyse texts using the correct terminology and to form
    considered opinions.
  • Develop and improve their own writing based on their study of texts.
  • Enable students to write in Standard English correctly using a wide vocabulary and employing the correct grammar.
  • Facilitate students’ effective use and understanding of spoken language.


Assessment is through a combination of examination and coursework.

  • Paper 1: Reading examination. 2hours. 50%
  • Component 3: A coursework portfolio of 3 extended writing assignments. 50%